Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Fraju

Fraju, AKA 'Leap-Frog', turned 22 years young on 4/29/11. Here he is with Heidi - still doing what he loves!


  1. Happy birthday, Frog! Why, I remember riding you when your mama had only had you for a very brief time. Time sure flies!

    Hi,Ann =) (Of all the memories, the one that most sticks out: we survived crazy chocolate man!)


  2. Crazy Chocolate Guy!!! I had forgotten about that, haha.

    Are you back in OH now? What's up in your world these days?

  3. Well, after being permanently psychologically scarred by Crazy Chocolate Guy... yeh, back in Ohio, working in Pharmacy and going to school to get my PharmD.

    Because everyone wants to be a doctor... Nancy is now Dr. Nancy, just finished up vet school... she said she bumped into you at Rolex?

    Oh, and other memories.. I still regularly tell the "rapid hamsters clawing" story. Jim and Gwen are doing great, Baby Jones and now Trouble are still with them. =)

    Hope thing are going great for you and all the fam. Tell Frog I said hi, and let him frisk you over for treats for me ;-)

  4. Yes, ran into Nancy at Rolex - that's very exciting that she's completed vet school! Also way cool that you are going for a PharmD. We're having fun out here with our farm, though I haven't competed in a while. Froggie is still as spoiled as ever, he really likes bossing our babies around. I'm super excited now about starting to show our young gelding, Odin. I took him to a few dressage shows this spring to start him out and he has been great - hard to believe I finally have a chestnut that does dressage away from home!!