Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall update

Hope everyone is ready for winter! Our arena is finally done and we are loving the consistant sand/rubber footing. The 'kids' are growing up fast - Yukon (shown here) is almost 16hh already, at a year and 4 months old, and is starting to change colors again for winter.
Our barn apartment is nowhere near done, but it is continuing to progress. The drywall, windows and doors have all arrived. We're just finishing winterizing the paddocks now - 4 down, only 2 left to go!

Our most recent news is that Yeager's 2009 filly, Iya Fancypants, went to her first show and came back with High Point for her young horse division! At only 4 months old (and just weaned the week before), that is quite an accomplishment. Her owners said that she was a real superstar and couldn't have behaved better.
Then finally, the winner for our 2009 FREE BREEDING DRAWING is Amy Harrison, of PA! Congrats!!