Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Breeding Specials

Don't forget about our early booking and other discounts!

- Book Early & Save -
  • Receive a $150 discount if you book before March 15th, or a $100 discount if you book before April 15th (your mare may then be bred anytime during the season).

- Other 2011 Discounts: -
  • Multiple Mares - When you breed one mare to Yeager GF, any additional mares owned by you (or from the same farm, booked for the same season) will receive a $150 discount.
  • Returning Clients - If you bred a mare to Yeager in the past & book again for this season, receive a $100 discount on the new booking.
  • Referral Rewards - If you refer a friend, receive a $100 discount for one of your own mares, upon confirmation of your friend's booking.
  • Performance Mares - Receive a $100 discount if your mare has competed Preliminary level or above in Eventing, 2nd level or above in Dressage, or Level 3 or above in Jumpers.


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